Easy socks to knit (English Version)

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 This post is the english version, you can also read the spanish version pattern here. I'm not an expert on knitting socks, my desire is sharing here what metod i've used. More fowards i'll write it down other patterns designs ( like andean graphic) keep you update! 

Basic Colors 

co = cast on
st(s) = stitch (es)
Bo = bind off
k = knit
P= purl
M1R  = increase to the right side
M1L = increase to the left side

 I've used a Dk yarn ( here in Peru it's called 'Lana silvia clasica' )
Double pointed needles ( DPN) # 3.5mm 
*colores de lana*
color A = red
color B = dark red
color C = black

color A:
 Using Judy's magic cast on 
 CO 24 stitches ( 12 stitches per needle) 
  1. knit all the sts
  2.  k1, M1R, k10, M1L, k1 ( repeat)
  3.  k all the sts
  4. k1, M1R, k12, M1L, k1 ( repeat)
  5. k all the sts
  6. k1, M1R, k14, M1L, k1 ( repeat)
  7. k all the sts
  8. k1, M1R, k16, M1L, k1 ( repeat)
 from round 9 to 14 :k all the sts

Change to the color B:  

From round 15 to ( # de the lenght in inches or cm ) 

Change to the  color A:  heel
i've followed the tutorial ' German short Row heel' / AKA boomerang / Jo Jo Yo Yo heel , you can watch this tutorial 

when you've finished the heel , you can change to the color C ( k2, p2) until the lenght what you'd like.

Bind off tutorial in spanish to the minute 17:10 

i've used the ' Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind off' ' recommended for others knitters 

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